Monday, 10 December 2012

Marquee diassembly

The Allotments major asset, the Marquee, has been standing around all year. It has formed the basis for the central point of the social aspect of the society. But it is not really strong enough to withstand a harsh winter. Or even a typical winter... aka the rainy season.
So last Saturday it was time to drop it to the ground and pack it away for next year.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lets talk about soil

When I took over this plot, it was overgrown. But the chap who owned it before me certainly did one thing right. The soil quality is fantastic. Something I really want to keep. After all it is the soil which makes the whole thing work.

But people don't appreciate the value of it. Now is your chance to start doing something about it.

It is Global Soil Week. OK, it was. But that still doesn't mean you cannot be complacent. Learn about soil. Better yet. Learn how to make it. Composting is a vital part of the process. We have a compost bin at home. All of our organic waste goes into it and the Council then take it off to a big recycler and produce industrial tonnes of it. You cannot beat it. But people still abuse this process. There have been reports of people who have bought this compost and found plastic, metal and allsorts of rubbish in their compost. Garbage in. Garbage out. It applies to many things as well as the old meme in computing.

We have waste bays at the allotments. But all the council do is come along and scrape up everything and take it away. Why? Because people treat it simply as a bin. Why waste essential material like that. We really do need our own, industrial strength composting system on the allotments. Perhaps it's something I should propose for the future.