Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fruiting, flowering and failing

There are always good things and bad things down on the allotment. The excellent weather we have been having recently (all that hot stuff) as caused havoc in the greenhouse. The Basil has bolted to seed. The Tomatoes got very dry and started turning a little brown and toasty around the edges. But I may have managed to recover them enough. We have our first tomato ripening on the vine.

There are others around, but they are still pretty green. I've been alternating the waterings with Tomorite in an effort to boost the plants health. But I fear that the heat in the greenhouse may have damaged them beyond repair.

Meanwhile outside, the courgettes that were planted into the mound have started going great guns. Looks like we're in for a few if these are anything to go by.

There are wispy fronds on the sweet corn as well. So it looks like we'll be having a few of those on the barbie at some point.

I've had plenty of blackfly around. But one thing that has been lacking this year is a Ladybird. Well now I've seen my first one of the year. On my artichokes too.

And on the subject of artichokes, the flowers are opening on them. Looks like the bees really love them. But when are we supposed to eat them? (the artichokes, not the bees) Guess I need to go and research them a little more.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

A little better

Following on from last weekend's heat, this weekend turned out to be a little cooler. But only just.

But I'm afraid that the heat as put a serious dent in the plant toll. My poor tomatoes in the greenhouse are suffering. I have a wooden lattice that I use to "close" the door in an attempt to keep the heat down, but the poor things are turning a little yellow in the leaves. I suspect that the necessary watering has washed a lot of the nutrients out of the soil. So I am going to attempt to give them a little feed to help them along.

Hopefully it will be enough to save the small mini-toms that have formed.

The sunflowers were wilting somewhat. But after giving them serious drenchings they seem to have perked up a bit. But they're no where near the "Giant" implied in their name.

But at least the Grape Vine is loving this heat. There are about 20 little grape clusters forming.

And the sweet corn is doing well too. Pity the attempt to grow the peas up them hasn't worked out as well as I expected.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hot Weekend

Hot as in temperature wise.

The temperature in the greenhouse was pushing 40°C. It was all I could do to keep the plants from expiring. Looks like most of my rocket has gone to seed.

Saturday I didn't do anything on the allotment (apart from an early morning watering.) Instead, it being the Wife's Birthday, we went to the British Wildlife Centre.
(Frodo at the BWC)

Which reminds me. Looks like the foxes have made their home in the mound. That's OK. Better than them digging up my rhubarb.
Sunday promised to be another hot day, so I was onsite by 6am. I wasn't alone. There were two other people there as well. Guess we all want to miss the heat. I finally got round to planting the Courgettes in the mound.

And I planted the sunflowers next to the shed.

And on the subject of shed. Looks like the Grape Vine has put on a massive growth spurt. It has quite a few mini-grapelets formed. But it definitely needs a bit of a trim.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Not the plants. Me.

I am finding it extremely difficult to actually "work" down the Allotment. I don't do hot temperatures very well. All I can muster is a short stint to make sure that the plants are well watered.

Yesterday however was a bit of a different. I was at the allotment bright and early. Why? Well is was that yearly event known as the AGM. Once again I foolishly allowed myself to be voted onto the allotment Committee. So now I have to face another year of working for the society. Sucker for punishment or what?

Wilting from the heat or work? Either way, I need a nice cool drink and some shade.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Not so wilted

Went back to the allotment to check on my wilted veg. After last night's serious need of a drink it seems that most have recovered.
The rocket and basil is certainly looking a lot healthier. But I do suspect that they will probably bolt to seed after undergoing such stress.

Meanwhile my poor artichokes are under serious infestation. Not even regular dousing with washing up liquid can shift these blighters.

Monday, 1 July 2013


Sunday was shopping and a BBQ at a friends place in the afternoon. I didn't get chance to get to the allotment. Nor did I manage to get there today until I got home from work at around 7.30pm. So I was kind of dreading what I would find after two extremely hot days.

My worst fears were made real. Things had wilted.
Foreground: Rocket
Background: Basil

Everything got a nice big drink of water. Fortunately on Saturday I gave them a good dosing so I think they should all recover. I work from home on Tuesday's so I can get down the allotment earlier as I knock off work and make sure everything is ok.

Looks like it's going to be another scorcher.