Saturday, 4 April 2020

Allotment Week - Under lockdown - Day 8 - More beds to prepare

So I decided to change my focus. Instead of doing the Deep End, which is really hard work, I moved to focus on the bottom three beds of the main bit. This lot was also underwater (was it really just a month ago?) but fortunately these beds are a little more improved over time and are easier to dig. Way easier. The Couch Grass is not as invasive, nor are the beds themselves made of clay.

Needless to say, it took less time to sort those three out, than it did to sort out either of the two beds in the Deep End.

The far bed will be for Beetroot, the closer bed I put some Runner Beans in.

Meanwhile The Wife was sorting out her Strawberry Empire.

We also planted a whole load of new seeds in the greenhouse, such as Cucumbers. This lovely sunny weather is having a good impact on the other seeds are there are sprout and seedlings appearing all over the place. I may have to start planting some of them outside before my holiday period is over.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Allotment Week - Under lockdown - Day 7 - Aches and Pains

Today I was supposed to go back down the allotment. But after yesterday's efforts I'm still aching all over, especially my knee.* So instead I decided to put my feet up (relatively speaking) and make marmalade instead. I've had a can of make your own marmalade sitting on the shelf for a while and never got round to doing anything about it. Today seemed like a good day to finally deal with it.

Tomorrow hopefully, I'll be back on the plot.

* I had an operation on my knee about 20 years ago, to remove a small piece of cartilage that had broken off. Ever since then it's been a little dodgy.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Allotment Week - Under lockdown - Day 6 - More Digging

Deep End No. 2 is now dug out of all that Couch Grass. A whole wheelbarrowful of it.

This was the bed that had all the pond algae in it, and true to form, the ground was like clay. In fact it was clay. But I eventually managed to get it done.

Of course, I didn't make it easy for myself. Since I had raised the path up a few inches, then the base of the bed is relatively lower. Cue the serious back ache trying to get it all out. And then of course, there was the three barrows of manure to drop back in.

Bed 3 and 4 tomorrow? Or more pathway maintenance? Or maybe I should start digging out the compost bins? Who knows. Wait until tomorrow to find out.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Allotment Week - Under lockdown - Day 5 - Oddjobs and paths

Lots of little jobs today. I have had a number of pallets in various states of decrepitude on the plot for a while. About time I got rid of them and put them in the waste bays. But some of them are still in reasonable condition and I do have a need of some of the wood. Most notably to finish off the table shelving after re-arranging the greenhouse.

Other than that, I basic shovelled the rapidly dwindling woodchips to keep putting down more paths.

Yes, I still need to dig out that second bed (and the 3rd and 4th!) But not today.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Allotment Week - Under lockdown - Day 4 - Fixing Paths

Today the woodchips are disappearing fast.

Peter is still repairing the roadways and is using the woodchips to fill in a lot of the grooves and ruts. But I also need woodchips to re-do the pathways and raise the Deep End. But first I need to get some paper sorted.

I've been collecting Evening Standards and Metros for a while now. I intend to use the paper as a mulch to keep down the weeds. With the woodchips on top it should act as a sufficient barrier to keep them at bay. But first I have to remove all those pesky staples.

I piled up the woodchip because I really don't know when we'll get another delivery. At least this way I can do a bit more tomorrow.

Meanwhile The Wife was clearing one of the other beds. We had onions in it last year, but we don't really have a lot of luck with Onions. So much so that we have decided that we're not going to bother with them in the future. So, what few we had left remaining she pulled out. At least this way we can have some spring onions with our food.

But it does give us another bed ready for planting.