Saturday, 24 October 2015

It does amount to a hill of beans

Things are closing down on the plot.

The courgettes (marrows) are gone.

Though some are bigger than others...

And now it's time for the beans to be pulled out.

But there is way more here than I expected. Certainly a lot more than last year. Definitely a hill of beans.

But the biggest surprise this year is we have grapes. The previous couple of years we never had any grapes. They were always stolen before they could come to fruition. This year, with the help of netting and a camera trap, we seem to have scared off whoever was responsible. And now we can enjoy. They're very sweet, but we don't know what variety they are.

There is still a lot to do in the way of preparation for next year. We need to build more beds, and the mound is in the process of being moved. Some of the mound (the good soil) is going into the new beds, whilst the rest of the mound will be manured and covered, ready for next year's crop of courgettes and squashes. Whilst we were recently in Austrian we managed to pick up some very, let us say, strange squashes. Should give everybody a surprise.