Saturday, 22 February 2014

Working in the shop

Today I had the honour of being on Shop Duty with one of the longest members of the allotments. For two hours both days at the weekends, the shop is open for members to come and buy their goodies, and if they wish they may have a cup of tea or coffee. But despite it being a nice sunny day with blue skies there was little in the way of customers. So for the most part we talked about the site, old members (and new members) and mostly about food and growing stuff. I'll be on duty again in a couple of weeks time. By then, perhaps it'll have warmed up a bit and dried out. Enough that we'll have a few more people in the shop.

Back on the plot, it's still a little damp. Water is still lying in pools, the greenhouse is very squishy inside and there has been a little bit of damage.

The most damaging bit is the fact that the window vent in the greenhouse has been bent out of shape. But fortunately that was easy to remedy. Aluminium is not the strongest of metals and easily twisted back. It might have weakened somewhat so I think I'll have to keep an eye on it.

The big rhubarb is starting to show.

But imagine my surprise when hiding behind the artichoke, I see that the small rhubarb, that I intended on throwing out, has got off to a hue start and looks to be a promising plant. Guess I'll have to keep that then.

Meanwhile, the daffs are poking out and trying to brighten the place up. Not sure which is brighter. The daffs or the sun in the sky. But it's nice to see both of them for a change.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunny Start to February

Well what was a nice weekend. They promised us storms and more rain. What we got were blue skies. Time to get out there and get things done.

OK, maybe not. The ground is still sodden and unworkable. Although we're flooded in parts on the East side, over on the West I guess they can only contemplate a rice crop in their paddy fields.
Yes that is one allotment plot. Totally underwater. They have it somewhat bad over there.
Right where I was standing there was actually a stream of water running across the path. Not a good day for working the plot.

So what else could I do? Well I've already re-organised the shed, like other people are doing. And I can't start planting because it's still a bit too early. But I can start planning.

I've been trawling through various seed catalogues and websites deciding on what I'm going to grow this year. Last year the courgettes were absolutely brilliant, so I want to give them a go again this year. Though probably not so many plants this time. I cannot understand why people grow common potato varieties as they are available in the shops for a low cost and no difference in taste. Having said that I will be growing some heirloom varieties of potatoes this year, as well as some special carrots (Purple!).

The area I cleared the raspberry canes from (which is now my swimming pool) will become a huge herb bed. With a lot of the seed I collected last year. I still have areas of the plot that need clearing. But I can't do that until the weather improves. Scratch that. The weather has improved. I just need the ground to dry out a bit.