Monday, 23 February 2015

So what's the Buzz about Bees and Flow?

Yesterday a new product launched. It was launched on Indiegogo as a new startup for a new kind of frame for bee hives. The new design allows you to harvest the honey without opening up the hive. It also resets the frame so that the bees can start filling it up again.

Quite frankly I'm surprised that nobody else has thought of this. Admittedly it seems a very ingenious solution, albeit one which which looks to have been an engineering nightmare.

Within minutes, they passed their starting requirement of $70,000. They are now well on their way to having one of the largest startup returns going. And this is no bad thing.

What they have done here is to think about the needs of the honey producers of both kinds... the Bees and the Humans who want to market the honey. I think this is going to seriously change the Honey market.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Brown, Grey and Blue

Well it has been a while since I last posted.

Well pretty much in line with all the other blogs around at the moment, everything seems to have shut down for winter. Most of us are simply digging things over getting ready for the new year. Fortunately it seems that I'm not suffering from the flooding that plagued us last year. But it's still pretty damp on the plot, and the brown mud pretty much sticks to everything. Even so, I'm still digging everything over and putting in plenty of manure.

In an attempt to keep down the bind weed and to make the front of the plot a little more presentable. I've put a long strip of carpet down. Eventually this will be covered with wood chips, but the grey skies are threatening rain. So it's going to have to wait for another day.

The old Birch tree sticks which I've had knocking around the plot for a while are starting to cultivate a healthy fungus on them.

There is also a very health lot of fungus growing in the manure. I'm not sure why people are so afraid of mould and fungus. After all it's these organisms which start the break down of the woody tissues. The small creature such as wood lice and such then feed on this and thus the cycle of life is continued. You cannot have life without death.

But here I am contemplating death. The death of this blog that is. I do not get many readers. My stats show that I only get on average about 20 views for every post. Those views are probably from people who know me and subscribe to the feed. I get very few comments. In fact most posts only have the sharing comment from where I post onto Google+. Don't get me started on Farcebook. I can't even sign up for it.

So I question whether it's actually worth keeping a blog. Certainly I need to keep notes about what I plant and what works well (or not so well on the plot), but is this blog actually fulfilling any purpose? I find that the best way to find information is to text search. Google certainly understands this, which is why its the number one search engine. However the modern generation seems to go for the TV. So the channels on Youtube seem to get hundreds of hits, for what basically amounts to waffle. I did threaten to start filming last year.

Anyway, no need to feel blue about it all. There is some life on the plot. The Rhubarb is starting to poke through.