Sunday, 12 October 2014

Back on the plot

There wasn't anything posted for the past couple of weeks.Why not? Well I was half way up an Austrian mountain. The same mountain as last year.

But back on the plot it's time to see what's happening. Well firstly the courgettes are now well and truly over. Time to clear them out.

The marrows are also pulled out leaving a freshly available bed.
Not sure what to plant in this, or just cover it and leave it for next spring. Any thoughts?

The Beans are also in their final stages.
We've had an absolute load of beans from these. They were given so me by my Father back in April. Now we have the results of them drying in the kitchen at home.

But what about the Triffid? The grapes were growing nicely before we left and should have been ready to pick. Nope.
Some greedy bugger had pulled them all off. This doesn't appear to be the work of avians. It's more likely that it's the sticky fingers of some of the other pests we have on the plots. Something which we have seen by the way of kids who have been after pumpkins. Time to rig those cameras.

But the Strawberries are doing really well. Too well in fact. The runners off the main shoots that we planted, have started producing their own runners. Time for a quick haircut.

In the greenhouse, the Autumn Colours are starting to settle in with the Blueberries producing a spectacular colour display.
Hopefully, bigger and better for next year.

Friday, 3 October 2014


Well my photo has won the "Fruitfulness" competition.

It's amazing what three large green things can do. Those courgettes (marrows) will go towards next years crop.