Sunday, 18 June 2017

Phew, what a scorcher

It's hot.

Let me amend that.

It's damn hot.

Yesterday (Sat) we went to the Wimbledon Village Fair but we didn't stay long because the temperature out was pushing 30. Today (Sun) was going to be similar or worse. So we decided to wake up at "surely this time shouldn't exist" O'Clock and we were at the plot just a shade after 6am. We were fully intending to get a little work done and then head home before the heat got to us.

Big mistake.

First things first, we have a shed load of stuff still sitting in the greenhouses that needs to be outside. Such as the Butternut Squashes and some more courgettes. These went into the weed area which was the previous mound. But now a lot of the previous soil has been put back into the main beds, so it's a lot flatter than normal.
Yes, they are looking a little yellow. They were probably left in the pots about a week too many.

Secondly the Tomatoes needed re-potting and segregating from the mixup of stuff in the two greenhouses. Well we did get some of the Toms re-planted. But the heat meant we couldn't get all of them done. So we only did the bigger ones, trusting that the smaller ones wouldn't need the re-potting until next week (or it gets a little cooler in the evenings.)

The Sweetcorn is looking much better after our disastrous start. And the beetroots are doing well too (at the back in the picture below).

We've also started re-potting some of the flower and other odds-and-ends.

And of course, the strawberries are really on a roll.

Big thick leaves, and luscious berries as shown above.

Wait, what? You can't see the strawberries themselves? You want a close up? OK.

But you aren't getting the kind of close-up I'll be getting... after I've downed a gallon of water to beat this heat.