Saturday, 15 July 2017

Trimming the bush

Tomato bush that is.

So a couple of weeks back, the tomato greenhouse looked like this...

I didn't manage to take a photo of it today because I was somewhat shocked. Leaves everywhere. The place had gone crazy. Needless to say the tomatoes needed a damn good hair cut. So I grabbed the secateurs and started lopping off leaf stalks. It was a crazy amount of leaves I took out.

Apparently though it helps the tomatoes. The plants are put under more stress. And when the plants are stressed they start producing fruiting buds. But also it lets in more light.

Anyway, after I managed to fight my way through the jungle I caught site of a lot f green toms hidden in there. So there are definitely some forming.

But then just as I manage to get to the very back of the green house, I spot something red.

Small, but perfectly formed and sweet. Our first toms. Just as well, because we've been living on courgettes for the past few days.

The 2017 Courgette Tally: