Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pumpkins and Marrows and Squash, oh my!

Time for a small harvest.

When we arrived at the plot, we were greeted with a nice display of Morning Glories.

But then we started gathering... and the gathering didn't stop.

So what have we got here?
  • Three large marrows. (Also known as courgettes that got left alone for too long)
  • Six small pumpkin gourds.
  • A variety of Zierkurbis and Autumn Wings squash.
  • Two trays of tomatoes.
  • A normal courgette
  • One cob of sweetcorn.
Now the Zier kurbis is not edible. They are an ornamental variety. Once cleaned and dried they should keep for a while for display purposes. It has been known that some people have hollowed them out and used them as flower vases. Not sure about some of them because they are a bit twisted, but maybe some of the straighter ones could be used as such.

The tomatoes and courgette are destined for tonight's soup. And the corn... well that's a different story.

Remember when I asked a couple of weeks back, how to tell when the corn was ready to be harvested? Well it seems I may have left it too late. Although the kernels do give a yellow milky fluid when pressed with a nail, most of the kernels are hard and extremely powdery to the taste. So it seems I may be somewhat late in harvesting them. Not to worry though. I'll save some of them for next years seeds. Whilst others went to a good home. The chickens! In return for which I got a couple of fresh eggs. So not bad as far as I'm concerned.

The marrows are now put up on the top shelf of my kitchen. They will become the seed stock for next years crop. I still have about another three marrows on the plot. Though I have culled one plant, there are three others which are going strong. So I expect more courgettes in my future. Keep an eye on that counter.

There are also a lot more tomatoes waiting. Although the foliage is starting to die off now. There are still a lot more to come.

The 2016 Courgette Tally: