Saturday, 29 April 2017

First the blight... now the frost.

At some point during the last week our central heating kicked in. I mention this only because our CH temperature is set at 10°C. So probably that night down the allotment we must have had a frost.

So today after our monthly bread club meeting we popped to the allotment to check on things only find a dead mess. Our sweetcorn... dead.

Potatoes... dead.

Courgettes... dead.

Even our courgettes inside the greenhouse... dead.
(And our Tomatoes, top left... dead.)

Our only saving on this disheartening day is our strawberries. At least they're thriving.

We do have a couple of courgettes in our old greenhouse which were mixed in with the strawberries and seem to have managed to survive. And we have more sweetcorn seeds, so we can recover those. But on the whole today started off really well with a large variety of bread rolls that we all baked to try, but the day turned into a real downer after seeing all this.

We certainly down feel like doing anything at the allotment today. But maybe tomorrow we can start to re-build.